Who we are

Qinside is a company from Brixen, South Tyrol. We specialise in the integration of Qi Wireless Charging stations in furniture.

With our Inductive Charging Station Qi1001, we offer advanced Qi Wireless Charging stations that can be easily incorporated into furniture. Qinside stands for comfort, functionality, simplicity, speed and safety. Our products reliably charge at the same speed as traditional cables.

Qi technology spells the end of numerous different chargers and represents the future of a universal standard for wireless charging for all.

What we do

Furniture-integrated Qi Charging Stations – Qinside revolutionising the furniture industry - charging table

Our focus is the integration of wireless charging stations into new or existing furniture. Our inductive charging stations can be simply and quickly integrated into furniture.

The wireless charging stations can be built into furniture directly by the manufacturer. Existing furniture can be affordably adapted.

To simplify retrospective integration of a Qi charging station in existing furniture the milling is made from above and the resulting hole is covered by the Cover Kit Qi1001.

Otherwise incompatible devices, such as Apple’s iPhones, can be made compatible thanks to the Compatible Receiver Qi2001 – in the form of a small Qi compatible key ring. Our Qi receiver is compatible with all devices with the Micro-USB connection.

QInside Brixen - inductive charging

QInside Vision

Furniture Integrated Wireless Charging Stations all over the world, for everyone.

Qinside presents a world without the annoyance of various power cables and chargers. The Qinside Wireless Charging Systems makes wireless charging possible at any time and in any place. Forget those irritating “battery empty“ notifications and enjoy the comfort and ease of quickly charging your mobile device wherever you are: on the go, at work or at home.

About QInside

Look forward to true quality of QInside charging solutions. The use of newest materials and advanced technologies ensure safety and provide a particularly long functional life. Convince yourself of our Wireless Charging Solutions!

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